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by guest blogger Mary Ann Hart

I am a fan of all things Google including of course my Gmail account, but Google has recently done something to my email account that I needed to put a stop to fast!

If you have noticed, they are trying to help keep us organized by putting our emails into categories using tabs (primary, promotional).  When I first saw the way things were categorized I knew that it might cause me to miss important promotional emails from companies that I want to win things from!! I could not let this happen so I got rid of Google’s sorting tags. It is a simple process:

·        Click on the gear button on the top right corner

·        Go to settings

·        Click on the Inbox Tab

·        Next to INBOX, uncheck all the boxes except Primary, and then all of your emails will go into your primary feed

I love you Google—but if you want to organize something please start on my kitchen!!

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Pat Hoffmeister
Mary Ann thanks for warning everyone about this. I noticed it the first time I logged on after they did it. Immediately got rid of it. Unlike you, I could use someone organizing my old house, or make that life.
Pat Hoffmeister , August 12, 2013
The big companies are having problems with this too. Got this email today from Pillsbury.

Gmail User,

As you know, Gmail recently changed its inbox by creating multiple tabs for your emails. As a result, emails from Pillsbury will now go to your Promotions tab, so be sure to check for your weekly newsletter there.

If you want Pillsbury emails to go into your Primary tab so you won't miss out on free samples, coupons and our best recipes, simply drag a Pillsbury email from the Promotions tab into the Primary tab, then click "yes" when asked if you want to do that for all of our messages. You can also click the star next to the sender name to default that sender to your Primary tab.
Roseann , August 14, 2013
Thanks for sharing this information. It was annoying to me but I had not had time to research how to fix it back to original. You saved me a lot of time.
jrazee277 , September 13, 2013
How do I post a Blog on Sweepstakes U
OK, I know I'm not the brightest when it comes to modern technology, but how do I post a blog on Sweepstakes U? Do I need to be invited?
I have some great news, and my egg has now been officially cracked and I would like to share it with the local sweepers out there if possible. Or would it be better to post it in the forum?
rabbitfoot , October 10, 2013
Gwen Beauchamp
Hi Rabbitfoot,

If you have a guest blog that relates to the sweepstaking hobby, please email it to me at gwen@sweepsu.com. I will check the content and post it for you as long as it is useful, inspiring or helpful information for sweepstakers.

I cannot wait to read what you have to send us.
Gwen Beauchamp
Gwen Beauchamp , October 13, 2013

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