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Gwen Beauchamp

Facebook sweepstakes that offer you extra entries for referring your friends started as a trend, but I do believe it is here to stay. You now see referral entries being offered on Twitter sweepstakes, Instagram promotions, Pinterest sweeps and via email as well as on Facebook. This trend has also generated some controversy on many sweeps websites where those posting the new sweepstakes have included their own personal link. Nothing like giving yourself an extra entry whenever your users click on the link you provide. This is something we have never done on SweepsU.com, but a BIG change is coming!

No...we do not plan to start posting our own personal links so that we gain entries when you enter. We want to post YOUR personal links to help YOU gain extra entries! Here's how it will work.

  1. Be the first person to submit a new sweepstakes using our SweepsUFound Submission form on the SweepsU.com website. Go to your Dashboard page and click on the third link which says I'd like to submit a Sweepstake or Contest.
  2. Provide the name of the sweepstakes, a beginning date (if available) and ending date (required) and your personal URL for the promotion.
  3. Click on "Submit SweepsUFound" and you are done.

As with all things, there must be rules.

This sweepstakes perk is only available to SweepsU.com subscribers and those who have signed up for our 7-Day Free Trial.

You are responsible for providing the correct URL link at the time you submit the sweepstakes. If, for any reason, the link you send will not work on our form we will post it under the Entry Instructions for the sweepstakes.

Only submit referral sweepstakes that you found yourself or someone sent you a referral link to enter. DO NOT submit sweeps you found on other sweepstakes listing websites.

Only those who use the SweepsUFound Submission form will be eligible to have their link posted for others to use. Links that are emailed to us will not be accepted.

DO NOT put your own name in the name field on the Submission form. Anything sent from your Dashboard page will contain your name. What we need to know is the name of the sweepstakes you are submitting.

We will always offer you a clean link to enter each sweepstakes for those who prefer not to use another person's credit link.

If a link takes us to a site determined to be harmful to our computers (and our subscribers) in any way, we will NOT post the link.

If a referral sweepstakes is posted by Roseann or Gwen or anyone assisting us with the posting of new sweeps, it will NOT contain a referral link.

That's it! Let's see if the referrals really help. I want to hear from those of you who win!

Gwen Beauchamp

Luck is spelled W-O-R-K!

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This is not a perfectly simple solution. I think the plan to offer BOTH ways to enter with and without referral entries is excellent. That way someone can easily enter boths ways their choice. I think most sweepers are still unaware that so many online sites do not offer entries cleanly. As for voting where you have to be number one, is so crazy that I usually avoid entering them. Sadly vote buying, hackin and cheating does occur.
Valerie , January 19, 2014
Referral Sweeps
Pat Hoffmeister
I have been adding a note to my Facebook and G1 referrals stating that I get x number of entries if they use my link and then a Thank You. Don't think I've won anything but know I had over 1,000 entries on one referral.
Pat Hoffmeister , January 19, 2014
I think your idea of providing BOTH the referral link and the clean/regular link is wise. That way people can make the choice themselves. Many sweepers still DO NOT know that many blog and seemingly helpful sites have links to sweeps that have 'a string attached'. Some don't even understand what happens with referrals as in a pyramid by numbers. Most of the time I enter via a sweeps site I trust or see the referral and search for the sweep myself or click on a few sweeps from friends.
Valerie Layton , January 19, 2014 | url

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