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Gwen Beauchamp

Here we are, almost a full week into the new year and I came very close to breaking my first resolution...which was to write at least one blog a week. It's not that I don't like to blog, but my real passion is searching and finding new sweepstakes and contests so that SweepsU.com subscribers have more opportunities to enter and win. I get so caught up in the searching, posting and, of course, the Urgent Sweeps Alerts!, that I forget about blogging. So here it is...Blog #1 for 2014!

This question has been asked repeatedly. Why should I pay to use a sweepstakes website when there are so many that are free? The first answer that comes to mind is "you get what you pay for", but here are some even better reasons.

  • We save you time with SweepsU.com's special programs to organize and expedite the sweepstaking process. You won't find them on any other website, because they were written by Gerald Anderson (my partner at SweepsU.com) exclusively for SweepsU.com.
  • No advertising, no surprises, just a good clean website. Many of the so-called "free" websites are not really free. They get their operating money from advertisers, many of which are quietly loading their programs on to your computer as you click on their links. You are getting a lot more than new sweeps from these sites.
  • We provide all of the details on the best sweeps, so that you can enter quickly and easily. If we detect any malware on a website we will not list their promotions.

For those of you who are current SweepsU.com subscribers, I would encourage you to share these facts with your friends. Let them know that many of the computer problems they are experiencing are caused by those "free" websites. If you have not yet tried SweepsU.com, what are you waiting for? We give everyone a full week, free of charge, to test all of the unique programs found only on SweepsU.com. Come see for yourself what we have to offer and find out why some things are worth paying for.

Gwen Beauchamp

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Pat Hoffmeister
Y'all are the best!

Pat Hoffmeister , January 06, 2014

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