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“I admit I really miss how things used to be. But I can also admit, that I’ve accepted the fact that things have changed.”—Frank Ocean—songwriter

Such a true statement about most things in life-- including sweeping.

My first win fifty years ago was from a drop box.  From there I went on to subscribe to Contest Newsletter. Good times…but that was yesterday…

Today--Because SweepsU is dedicated to helping people win we are going to continue to share trends that we think make more wins possible. No, we are not saying that any one method to win is better than another—we’re just saying let’s watch the trends and learn.

One of these trends is using Twitter to get sweeping information out to subscribers as quickly as possible. Yes, emails are good—but sometimes not fast enough. 

Few of us have time to sit around watching Twitter all day for SweepsU tweets—so I’m going to suggest a better way of receiving SU tweets—using your smart phone to have SU tweets sent directly to you by text. Several of you may already be doing this—but if not—I’m going to show you how to make this happen.

·         On your Twitter Homepage type @sweepsU.com in search box in upper right hand corner of the page.

·         Once you are on the SU homepage go to the upper right side of the page and click on the cog to pull down the drop down. (See the diagram below.)

·         Click on “turn on mobile notifications” (If you change your mind, you can always go back to the same place to turn off the notifications at any time.)

·         Now you should begin receiving SU tweets directly on your smart phone.

Give it a try!

Mary Ann Hart

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Gwen Beauchamp

Just three weeks until Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving and Black Friday sweepstakes are pouring in. Pay close attention to your local radio and TV stations and monitor their websites as well. The very best sweepstakes are short running locals. Of course, there are many National Sweepstakes at this time of year and some of them offer both national and local prizes. A really good one that starts at 6:00pm ET on Thanksgiving Day and ends at midnight on November 28 is the New York & Company "Win Big in New York" Sweepstakes. With a $100,000 Grand Prize and a $500 winner at each store. With over 500 retail stores in 43 states, that's a lot of winners. I'm sure they will have shoppers lining up early. You may want to be in that line, cause only the first 200 at each store will receive a game card giving them the chance to enter the sweepstakes. Full rules can be found at www.nycosweeps.com beginning next week and we will post the details on SweepsU.com a day or two before the event. I do know that there will be an alternate way to receive an access code without standing in line for a game card.

SweepsU.com will be listing the latest greatest holiday sweepstakes and contests as fast as we can find them, so be sure to check the SweepsU.com Sweeps List frequently. If you come across a promotion we have not posted yet, you can submit it by going to your "My Dashboard" page and clicking on "I'd like to submit a Sweepstakes or Contest". That includes local sweepstakes which we consider the best of the best. Your odds of winning a local sweepstakes are so much better. That is why SweepsU.com offers exclusive programs that make it quick and easy to find your local sweeps on our list. Check out the articles in our Sweeps University Library for all kinds of tips on entering and winning sweepstakes and using our programs to organize and expedite the entry process. Here is the link to help you find your local holiday sweepstakes: Finding Local Sweepstakes. Put it to good use and be sure to let us know when you win!

Gwen Beauchamp

Luck is spelled W-O-R-K!

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Too many gifts to buy and not enough money to cover the cost?  Use the sweepstakes method.

With a little planning you can win tickets to local concerts & sporting events, electronics, gift cards, cash, toys and more from your local TV and radio stations.  Check the facebook and internet pages for retailers in your area for more opportunities to win.  Enter today and most local prizes are delivered in a short time period.

Something bigger needed for a gift? Perhaps a 60" Smart TV like the one in the SmartSource.com Game Day MVP Sweepstakes. Or an Ipad from New Peoples Bank Apple iPad Sweepstakes or Age of Learning "Fall Facebook" Sweepstakes.  Need a donation for your favorite charity, enter The Cold Stone Creamery Fall in Love Contest. 

Dream about what you would like to win. Then make those dreams come true by using the special features on SweepsU.com to make it easy for you to find and enter those sweepstakes that are ending soon.

  1. Click on the  icon at the top of the SweepsU.com Sweeps List to open the Quick Search menu on the left side of the page.
  2. Click on "by Custom Search".
  3. Type the prize you wish to win in the "Prize Description" field and click enter.
  4. Click on "Reset Search" to go back to the full listing of sweepstakes and contests.

Prizes may not be delivered by Christmas, but an envelope announcing the win under the tree will provide the thrill with no gift wrapping required.

Roseann Moss

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Gwen Beauchamp
2015 Convention News

First donation drawing Oct 1

If you thought about donating a prize for the 2015 convention in Boston, the first donation drawing is coming up on Oct 1. Donate a prize to the 2015 Boston convention and for every $25 in value, you will receive one entry into the donation drawing. On the first of every month, October 1, 2014 - September 1, 2015, a winner will be selected from all of the individual donations and sent a specially designed gift basket from Gourmet Gift Baskets!  Once you make a personal donation, you are in the each monthly drawing going forward. 

Check out the convention website:  http://www.sweepingboston2015.com/donations for all the information you need to send in a donation and for a list of donors.

Remember, you do not have to be attending the 2015 convention to make a donation and be in the each monthly drawing.  

For a short period of time Starwood Hotels (Sheraton's parent company) is offering hugely discounted upgrades for our fantastic convention rate at the Sheraton in Boston!

Deluxe Room - $6 per night
Riverview Room - $18 per night
Club Level Room - $24 per night
Executive Suite - $24 per night
Junior Suite - $36 per night

This is not a guarantee but has worked for everyone so far today!

Reserve your room online for the convention http://www.sweepingboston2015.com/hotel

While you are reserving, step 3 guest info asks if you are a Starwood Preferred Member. If you are, sign in. If you are not, sign up.

When you receive your confirmation email from booking your room, there will be a link on the right hand side of the page offering an upgrade to your room. You apply for the upgrade and then they let you know if you received it.

We just booked our room for the convention and upgraded to club level for only $24 more per night!

Karen & Tania Biron

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Congratulations you are an instant winner...now what?

There are many instant win sweepstakes giving away prizes every day.  Lunchables Get Mixed Up Instant Win Game prizes of Amazon Gift cards,  Right Guard Xtreme Team Instant Win Game prizes of NFL Gift Cards, Bic Pencil Instant Win $25 gift cards are a few of the sweeps currently listed on SweepsU.  We all like the instant gratification of knowing we are a winner. 

When you receive a winning message, what you do next will determine if you get your prize. 

LOOK at your computer screen when entering.  Do not get into the click click click rut.  This is easy to do if you have entered and not won this instant win sweeps previously.  This will prevent you clicking past the winning notice.

You now have the congratulations you are an instant winner screen.  What must you do to claim your prize?  Every sponsor wants more information to confirm you won.  Will they send you a confirming email? Ask for your mailing info?  Give you a confirmation code?  IF there is a confirmation code PRINT it before going to a new web page.  Some want a phone number to send you a claim pin #.    The important part is stay calm, follow instructions print any claim number or congrats notes, keep any confirming emails. 

I keep a list of instant win prizes showing date won and when prize arrives.  Some win notices say will be shipped after X date, others say allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.  If you have not received your prize in the time specified, a polite email asking when your prize will be shipped is appropriate.   

In the past year I have won candy bars, snacks, baking dishes,  several gift cards from $5 to $100 value, coffee mugs, T-shirts and checks for cash. I love Instant Wins!

Roseann Moss

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Gwen Beauchamp

I have always told people I started the sweepstaking hobby in 1988 when I won the Wedding On Ice from Disney. But...that's not really true! What about the time I was listening to the car radio on the way home from school. Mom was behind the wheel and just as we pulled in our driveway the radio announcer said to call and tell him the name & artist of the next song. They hadn't played two notes of music when my Mom announced the answers. I ran in the house and started dialing. Oh yeah, we didn't have cell phones when I was a kid! Anyway, I won a brand new sewing machine for Mom. Technically they gave the prize directly to her because I was too young to win, but we know who did the dialing.

Then there was the time when I stayed up late at night waiting for my hubby to come home from working second shift. I would listen to the radio and call in on the giveaways. I became a regular at winning tickets to concerts. A great prize for us, since a young couple with small children and one income cannot afford a lot of extras. Years later I recognized my late night listening as a sweepstakes strategy.

Several more years down the road, I ran to Walmart for a few things and there was an Oreo booth set up at the front of the store. They were having a cookie eating contest for kids to win a new bike. I had Debbie (7) and Robby (10) with me at the time and they wanted to give it a try, so we signed up. The Oreo reps seated 3 kids at a table and gave them each a glass of milk and a stack of cookies. The kids were told to take a big drink of milk after each bite. They had one minute to eat as many cookies as they could. Robby went first and was seated with two bigger kids. When the whistle blew, my rough and tough 10-year old son, whom I had great hopes for, started daintily eating his first cookie. No kidding! Of all the times in his life, NOW he decides to use some manners. Debbie was all eyes watching him and I remember making the comment, "He doesn't have a chance if he doesn't do it faster". Sure enough, when the whistle blew he had nibbled one and a half Oreos while the other two kids demolished 3-4 each.

At that point, I was ready to move on and do my shopping, but Debbie wanted to give it a try. She took her place in the next group of kids. The whistle blew and Debbie popped a whole Oreo in her little mouth, crunched it two times, picked up the milk and swallowed it all at once. She had another cookie in hand halfway to her mouth before the first one went down. I had visions of my little girl choking to death on Oreos. Two more cookies downed. What kind of mother was I to let my daughter do this. With just a few seconds remaining, Debbie popped in cookie number 8, crunched, drank and swallowed just as the whistle blew. She had won herself a new bike by eating 8 Oreo cookies.

Two years later, Debbie's Mom won a Wedding On Ice and started entering sweepstakes and contests on a regular basis. So when did you start entering sweepstakes? I'd love to hear your stories!

Gwen Beauchamp

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Gwen Beauchamp

I am loving the sweepstakes on Pinterest! Of course winning a few gift cards as I learn to "Pin" items to my boards is good reason for motivation. It's really easy to use and there are way fewer entries in Pinterest sweeps, which means I have a much better chance of winning and so do you. So why aren't people entering them more? Because it requires learning something new. People do not want to get out of their comfort zone to learn new things. So until the masses realize what they are missing I suggest that the rest of you educate yourselves and start winning some prizes. Here are a few Pinterest sweepstakes and contests from the SweepsU.com Sweeps List to get you started.

  • Soma Intimates’ “Dress Beautifully Pinterest Sweepstakes
  • Harris Teeter “#myhttender” Pinterest Contest
  • Frame My Dream Office Pinterest Contest
  • Stationery Studio Pinterest Big Plans Contest
  • RealSweet Onions Grilling For the Win Pinterest Sweepstakes
  • Cato Pinterest Contest
  • Pin and Winnipeg Pinterest Contest

A new feature that has recently been added to Pinterest is the ability to attach a map to your board and pin your photos to the map. I have used this new feature as an interesting way to display many of my sweepstakes and contest wins. Take a look and let me know what you think. I have a large number of trips to pin on my map, 99 to be exact, so it may take me a while to get them all on my Sweepstakes Wins board.

Gwen Beauchamp

The harder it is to enter the easier it is to win!


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Gwen Beauchamp

Where did April go? I cannot believe the month is almost over, especially since I know there are hundreds of sweepstakes ending today that I did not get around to entering. Luckily for all of us, SweepsU.com provides you with special features that make it easy for you to find and enter those sweepstakes that are ending soon. The information on how to find these sweepstakes on the SweepsU.com Sweeps List is in Sweeps University. You will find a link to it in the upper menu on any page of SweepsU.com. Once you click on a link, select Library and you will see the menu below.


The information we are searching for is in SweepsU.com Basics, so click on that link to view the articles within it. Click on article #2 to view detailed instructions on how to sort the Sweepstakes on the List to find those that are about to end.


Sweeps University is a great source of information for learning how to use the special features on SweepsU.com. For example: Did you know that SweepsU.com allows you to hide the sweeps that you are not eligible to enter (by state)? Click on article #3, Finding Local Sweepstakes, to learn more about this feature. How about Mail-in Sweepstakes? To find them quickly just follow the instructions in article #1, Finding Mail-in Sweepstakes. There is a wealth of information in Sweeps University...all you have to do is read!

Gwen Beauchamp

Luck is spelled W-O-R-K!


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Gwen Beauchamp

FINAL Registration Date Moved Up; Register ASAP!!!

Due to an overwhelming, exciting response and the amount of special events planned, the SPF25 Orlando National Sweepstakes Convention committee has moved the final registration date to RECEIVED BY JULY 1st. You must register along WITH YOUR PAYMENT using PayPal, Credit Card or via snail mail, all received by July 1st. That’s only 120 days away! Here is the registration page:


For many who really want to attend, YOU CAN be at this HUGE event with a little planning:

  1. Register: $215 gets you into all convention sessions and hundreds of FREE drawings and a seat at the wonderful banquet on Saturday night.
  2. Reserve you room at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort, a fantastic resort which will host the convention in their ballroom. At $99 per night for a double room this is a bargain. Free parking and Wi-Fi for hotel guests. The resort is stunning with pools, palms, 13 restaurants and golf available. The rate is also good for 3 days before the convention and 3 days after should you want to explore and enjoy more of Florida. Here’s the webpage that will get you the convention rate:  http://www.spf25orlando.com/Hotel_Information.html
  3. Plan for your transportation. Southwest has opened up flights for the convention dates as of this week. Look for other airline deals, especially mid-week.  The dates of the National Sweepstakes Convention (SPF25 Orlando) are 27 Aug to 31 Aug. At approximately 1pm on Wed the 27th, early registration will open as well as the vendor room and the shopper service raffles. There will be a fun kick-off party Thursday evening the 28th. Regular sessions with speakers and prizes are all day Fri-Sat-Sun, the 29, 30 and 31st. The banquet will be Sat night where even more prizes are given out. Monday is Sept 1st, Labor Day, a good day to travel home along with some excitement or linger and relax at the Resort.
  4. First Timers:  It’s best to arrive by early afternoon on Thursday and stay through the 2 sessions on Sunday to not miss any official convention sessions/events/and giveaways!
  5. Once you have secured your registration (be sure your email is clear and accurate) you will receive several official convention emails with additional important information.  See YOU in Orlando!

Gwen Beauchamp

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Gwen Beauchamp

Everything Olympic is trending right now with sponsors offering some incredible prizes relating to the Sochi Winter Olympics. Go for the Gold Sweepstakes are showing up on local television stations across the country. Be sure to check the SweepsU.com Sweeps List regularly and do the search for your Local Sweeps. Valentine's Day Sweepstakes are still going strong as well and we are steadily finding more of them. This weekend should be a good one for local radio stations giving away Valentine packages and goodies, so listen, check their websites and Facebook pages for details.

Of course, we will keep you informed of any sweepstakes, contests or giveaways that deserve your immediate attention. Last week we sent out a record 14 Urgent Sweeps Alerts in emails for Super Bowl Sweepstakes in the 2-3 days before the Big Game. I'm still hearing back from many of you who won from those Alerts. Your praise just makes me want to dig a little harder and send out even more this weekend for Olympic and Romance sweepstakes. So stay tuned, watch your Inbox for new Urgent Sweeps Alerts and be sure to let us know when you win.

Gwen Beauchamp

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